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Viper Manufacturing is an established company that offers a comprehensive start to finish manufacturing in everything from components to finished assemblies. Viper Manufacturing’s team has over 100 years of combined manufacturing experience and expertise coupled with extensive capabilities that will benefit your company.


Laser cutting technology is an excellent process for cutting carbon, aluminum alloys, and stainless steel material in gauge thicknesses and plates. Viper Manufacturing uses the latest in laser technology to optimize cutting capabilities.


Viper Manufacturing offers CNC metal forming and bending services to produce components and fabricated parts for subassemblies. Viper Manufacturing has the ability to form up to 14’ long parts with a 650-ton press.


Regardless of your part protection requirements, we have a solution for you. Viper Manufacturing offers state of the art, production powder coating booths in addition to Aluminum Oxide blast and wash systems.


Our production facility is equipped with a CNC machining center and lathe that are able to machine components with tight tolerances and unique features.


From simple components to complex weldments with hundreds of components, Viper Manufacturing has significant welding expertise and capacity to assist customers with strategic outsourcing. Viper Manufacturing can weld carbon, aluminum and stainless with AWS certified welders.

Shipping & Assembly

Viper Manufacturing not only provides quality manufacturing capabilities but also take great care in outstanding packaging and shipping for secure delivery to the final destination. In-house trucking allows Viper Manufacturing to ensure your parts are delivered safely and on time.

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