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About Us

Our Company

Viper manufacturing is a medium-sized metal fabrication and manufacturing facility in West Lafayette, IN. Viper Manufacturing has been serving its customers since 2001 and has now grown to over 70,000 square feet of comprehensive manufacturing. Viper Manufacturing is a certified minority Women’s Business Enterprise that values equality and diversity.

Viper Manufacturing is an established company that offers start to finish manufacturing in everything from components to finished assemblies. Viper Manufacturing’s team has over 100 years of combined manufacturing experience and the expertise that will benefit your company. Viper Manufacturing has an extensive understanding of several industries including, but not limited to, transportation/trailers, agriculture, and fuel. Due to an encompassing familiarity with manufacturing, Viper Manufacturing partners with its customers to provide two-way feedback that creates better end products economically and efficiently. Viper Manufacturing believes in providing the best service not only prior to sales, but also post-sale support with a continual communication loop to ensure that all parties are completely satisfied. Viper Manufacturing looks forward to assisting you in both growing a relationship as well as growing your business.




Our Competitive Advantage


DOT Tanks and Trailers

Viper Manufacturing is the premier choice for custom builds within the trailer industry. With its location central to several trailer manufacturing facilities, Viper Manufacturing has had exposure to hundreds of different design elements that make a more user-friendly, safer, and economical solution for its customers. Additionally, Viper Manufacturing is a current producer of DOT legal trailers within the transportation industry. This provides Viper Manufacturing with a unique advantage to have not only the ability to produce and certify trailers but also years of experience with ensuring that the end product is user friendly and built to withstand hard environments all at a reasonable cost.



Viper Manufacturing is large enough to ensure that all of your parts can be made “in-house” but small enough that each of our employees has a sense of connection to our projects. Viper Manufacturing occupies a unique position where it is willing to accept projects that are smaller and build a business partnership through that, but also large enough to help customers grow into much higher levels of volume production. Viper Manufacturing’s comprehensive start to finish fabrication ensures that additional layers of logistics and vendor difficulty are minimized so that customers can have quick reactions and resolutions when needed.


Beyond Manufacturing

Viper Manufacturing has expertise far beyond metal fabrication. This includes experience with hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical systems and their integration. This knowledge allows Viper Manufacturing to work with vendors by supplying the necessary information for critical use without undue burden on the end price or vendor support. For customer applications, systems integration is a critical aspect of a quality end unit from the very beginning of design stages, which Viper Manufacturing will provide. Viper Manufacturing has experience creating equipment catalogs as well as operator manuals. This allows for a seamless transition from factory to end-user without additional need for training.



Due to the experience Viper Manufacturing has through its agricultural division; there is an understanding of the need for field serviceability. Replacement service parts need to be not only readily available for new units but also those that have been in the field for years. These parts must be able to be installed with minimal tooling and manpower to ensure operation may resume without the downtime required to service in-shop. Viper Manufacturing has worked alongside customers to provide and track final units and identify proper specifications to ensure that the correct replacement parts can still be implemented years after the sale of the unit. Using manufacturing requirement software allows all products to be time-date stamped and correlate to the correct bill of material. This prevents the additional information tracking needed from an end-user that is undue requirements for customers and technicians.



Viper Manufacturing has partnered with customers to implement stocking programs both for quick replacement as well as optimized manufacturing processes. This allows minimized downtime on machines in service by providing same-day replacements to customers. Viper Manufacturing’s software tracks stocking parts and reorder quantities based on lead time and usage history to ensure customers have what they need when they need it.

Our Principles



Viper Manufacturing has a dedicated quality department and quality manager to ensure that all customers are receiving the highest standard products that meet or exceed customer expectations. Viper Manufacturing utilizes a barcoding system along with job travelers for every part that is produced. This allows for traceability on all quality issues. In this same system, Viper Manufacturing utilizes electronically tracked material certifications and traceability. Viper Manufacturing’s quality department conducts root cause analysis on any quality concerns to ensure issues can be resolved and mistakes are not repeated. Viper Manufacturing has modeled the Taiichi Ohno Production System by utilizing the scientific approach of repeating why 5 times. This allows the insurance that both the nature of the issue as well as the solution to the problem is discovered.



Viper Manufacturing partners with other business to ensure that the relationship is mutually beneficial. Viper Manufacturing believes that if savings can be passed along to customers, the more end units will be needed. This cause and effect create a strong positive correlation between the successes of both parties. Viper Manufacturing is able to provide this service due to our barcoding and accountability methods. Production is tracked for a time as well as material utilization. These are then reported back through our manufacturing requirement planning software. This software also allows for better project planning through purchased component requirement min/max levels and estimated lead time to better allow production to not be interrupted. Additionally, Viper Manufacturing has the ability to produce most components in house, saving customers from additional vendors and logistic costs.



Viper Manufacturing has been innovating both in conjunction with customers as well as individually since inception. Our agricultural division (TruAg) is an industry leader in Strip-Till farming systems and has competently designed seed carts that ensure form, fit, and function. The cryogenic division (Viper Cryogenics) has been developing new solutions within the ever-changing green energy field to better suit a modern market. Several of Viper Manufacturing’s customers have done design and testing with the assistance of joint engineering and fabrication projects to ensure a seamless transition from design to full production.



Viper Manufacturing has over 70,000 Sq. Feet of indoor manufacturing space. Viper Manufacturing has the ability to run 3 shifts for increased production capabilities. With a combination of line and batch production, Viper Manufacturing is able to produce small pieces in rapid succession while still being optimized for large scale projects. Viper Manufacturing has constantly reinvested in machinery with a current collection of machine capabilities. Due to Viper Manufacturing’s in house capabilities, supply chain issues are infrequent concerns.

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